The Chronicles of Evil (2015)

Choi is the most decorated murderer with an unusual closing record. On the way home one evening, his taxi driver stands in the middle of nowhere, pulls a knife at him, and the two engage in a bloody fight. If the driver dies at Choi's hands, he fears the incident could affect his life, so he cleans up and runs away. But Choi cannot escape his action: the driver's body is displayed in front of the police station the next day, and he himself is assigned to the case. Realizing that he is trapped in a web, he must prevent past mistakes to find out why he was targeted in the first place.

Movie The Chronicles of Evil
Actor Park Seo Joon Yes
Country South Korea
Release Date May 14, 2015
Duration 1 hr. 42 min.
Content Rating 15+ (Teens 15 or older)